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"This honesty—which made him one of the most fascinating players to ever wear an NBA uniform—is evident in the new Showtime documentary Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story (directed and produced by the former ESPN feature producer Johnny Sweet). The film is a worthy vessel for the athlete’s turbulent journey, depicting its subject's efforts—publicly and privately—to change his once-toxic reputation."

“QUIET STORM captures this explosive evolution with honesty and candidness. It includes the impact he had on those closest to him and on those left in his wake. We are proud to add the Metta World Peace story to the growing slate of compelling, relevant and contemporary SHOWTIME Sports Documentary Films.”

"Quiet Storm makes for a solid watch even if you’re not a fan of the NBA or pro sports. This doc looks top-notch. Sweet infuses his movie with a spirited hip-hop vibe that adds plenty of flair. The cinematography captures the Queensbridge projects from low angles and with drone shots in a style reminiscent of a rap video. Artest’s interview takes place in a dark room in front of a boxing ring, bathed in blood-red light. And of course, the film’s score is straight fire."

"Sweet’s decision to capture real-time reactions and ruminations of his participants makes for a compellingly edited, thoughtful contemplation of just what it meant to experience the start of the pandemic and how different people made the best of their sudden isolation. By not going much farther beyond the initial outbreak, Last Call is a time capsule to a terrifying moment in time for everyone involved. As the United States is a few months into moving forward past what happened in 2020, projects like this feel even more valuable."

"Seeing the emotion, hearing the anxiety in their voices, and feeling their frustration is what makes this documentary so powerful. It is a time capsule that was only created because writer, producer, and director Johnny Sweet thought to start capturing and recording as the onset of this powerful global event. Not only will Last Call: The Shutdown of NYC Bars stand as a reminder of the difficulty the world experienced, it will stand as a character study of the people involved."

"Johnny Sweet wrote, directed, and produced the documentary [Vick], and he did an excellent job.  The documentary looks and feels like a construction from NFL Films or ESPN’s 30 for 30.  I was particularly impressed with the associated sound track.  There are several portions of the film where the statements of the interviewees, coupled with the music, gave me chills.  This is a very well-made film."

Our History

Johnny Sweet brings two decades of experience as an Emmy-winning producer at ESPN, NFL Network, and TNT. In 2016, he directed his debut film, "Vick," which chronicles the life of controversial NFL superstar Michael Vick and earned the Associated Press Sports Editor Award for journalism.


OCP's first major release, "Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story" (Showtime, 2019), received an Emmy nomination and was shortlisted for the Academy Awards. Since then, we have continued to produce celebrated content that has aired on CBS, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime.

Award Winning Work

2019 Emmy Nominee for Best Long Documentary

Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Johnny Sweet, Only Child Productions (OCP) is dedicated to producing compelling and critically acclaimed films and series.

What's Happening

Our latest series, "Hip Hop World," recently premiered on Amazon Prime, adding to our growing portfolio of successful projects.


Trusted by global brands like Nike, Complex, and GMC, we excel in creating high-quality branded content that resonates with audiences. With production crews stationed across the United States and Europe, we offer a global production presence.


From award-winning unscripted projects to innovative branded content campaigns, Only Child Productions consistently delivers passionate, authentic, and quality storytelling.

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